About Us

We Are Sentor Team

We are a team of disciplined developers, young talents, and innovative problem solvers. we believe that your problems are solved when strategy and creativity work together. we are here to help you to ignite your business online and reach your business goals one after another. you will be gifted with something more than just a website while working with us, we gift you "the perfect experience and 100% satisfaction".

Friends Not Suppliers

We are as much entrepreneurial as we are innovative. We have launched several startups and helped them to succeed. We are no strangers to different aspects of business, so we’ll take care of your business as we do on our own. tailored experience the main reason for not using prebuild content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Shopify, or ... is to give you a tailored website and experience just made for your business according to your needs, in this way you can keep things simple, fast, and optimized for your business. to reach that goal we use edge technology to develop your site like ASP .NET core, React JS, flutter, and react-native.